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I get tired of Cena too but the man just can’t win. 8 years ago we were leaving the attitude area in the rear view mirror. The Rock was in Hollywood, SCSA was hurt and aging badly, Trips was the focus of the IWC hate, HBK had come back but was a part timer, Undertaker was slowing down, Y2J was part timing, and Randy was suspended. The company needed someone to carry them for the foreseeable future and Cena stepped up.
Is it Cena’s fault that Randy could not stay sober or healthy? Was it Cena’s fault that Rock left for greener pastures? Or SCSA was old, hurt, beating his wife, and walking out on the company? Or that Jerico wanted to be a rock star? Or that the E did a piss poor job creating other stars to compete?
The answer is no.
Cena loves the business and loves his fans. You can say what you want about his refusing to go heel is about merchandise but that’s a load. He would be fresh and his new stuff would fly off of the shelves to a wider audience. Plus we all know he would flip back in a short time and have the old audience back as new with more sells. He does not want to hurt the kids. The man has done more Make a Wish moments than anyone in history. Plus he does that while still doing house shows. Name the company man from the last 10 years or so that still did a 250 dates a year. Hell, our next champ won’t even do 12 PPV’s a year.
My point is while I too hate the staleness of Cena and more to the point creative at times, the man really does all he can and gets nothing but crap from the fans for it.
TCountyPred (Cagside Seats) on John Cena (via fireball-mudflap)
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